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About the Darrin Freshwater Institute Collections in DSpace@RPI

Darrin Freshwater Institue (DFWI) is a multidisciplinary environmental research center of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute dedicated to understanding the structure and function of aquatic, terrestrial and atmospheric systems. DFWI's publications prior to 2015 are housed by Rensselaer Libraries in a DSpace@RPI sub-community and organized into various collections. Theses and the online lecture series continue to be added up to the present. These digitized and born-digital collections capture research conducted by the Institute for the last fifty-five years. It is a significant body of research both because of the breadth of years of recorded data and because of the richness of the research focused on Lake George and fresh water ecosystems. These materials are organized into the following collections: DFWI scientific papers, DFWI reports, DFWI theses and dissertations, DFWI media, and records for the DFWI summer lecture series.

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The Darrin Freshwater Institute online collections

Presented in DSpace@RPI by Rensselaer Libraries

WMHT roundtable

A television interview from the DFWI Media collection

"Roundtable discussion on Eurasian milfoil" on WMHT in 1987

DWFI Reports

Two technical reports from DWFI Reports collection

A technical report from 2007 and a technical report from 1967

powerpoint slide for Boylen

An online presentation from the DFWI Lecture Series collection

"Down the Hudson from lake tear of the clouds in the Adirondacks to the Manhattan harbor via vintage postcards" by Charles Boylen 2021

journal article first page

A journal article from the DFWI Scientific Papers collection

"The use of stream delta surveillance as a tool for early detection of Eurasian watermilfoil" in Aquatic Plant Management Society 2001

video screen capture

A video feature from the early 1980s in the DFWI Media collection

"Working to Keep the Lake Alive" from the media collection.

theses title pages

A scanned thesis and an electronic dissertation from DFWI Theses collection

Note: some theses are restricted to Rensselaer users

magazine article

A magazine article on undergraduate activities in the DFWI Media collection

"Darrin Freshwater Institute Opens its Doors to Undergraduates" in the Lake George Mirror 2011.

DFWI Complete Online

The Darrin Freshwater Institute Sub-community in DSpace@RPI is the master collection that contains all of the DFWI online collections in the series dating from 1967 to present.


DFWI Lecture Series

Rensselaer's Darrin Fresh Water Institute and the Historical Society of Bolton co-host a series of presentations on the natural and cultural history of Lake George and the Adirondacks, 2020-2021.


DFWI Media

The media collection contains interviews, speeches, and news articles by and about the institute and its research activities. Digital objects in the collection are circa 1980-2013.


DFWI Scientific Papers

Full-text and abstracts of the DFWI's papers published in the scientific literature up to 2015.


DFWI Reports

This collection contains technical reports and scientific reports released by DFWI up to 2015.


DFWI Theses

Rensselaer theses and dissertations affiliated with DFWI. The collection consists of older scanned theses as well as electronic theses (ETDS) ranging from 1969 to present.


Collection guide created by Brenden McCarthy